verb (past and past participle caught)
1》 intercept and hold (something which has been thrown, propelled, or dropped).
    ↘seize or take hold of.
    ↘Cricket dismiss (a batsman) by catching the ball before it touches the ground.
2》 capture (a person or animal that tries or would try to escape).
    ↘(also catch up or catch someone up) succeed in reaching (a person who is ahead of one).
    ↘surprise (someone) in an awkward or incriminating situation.
3》 accidentally become entangled or trapped in something.
    ↘have (a part of one's body or clothing) become entangled or trapped in something.
4》 reach in time and board (a train, bus, or aircraft).
    ↘reach or be in a place in time to see (a person, performance, etc.).
5》 (be caught (up) in) become involved in (something, especially an unwelcome situation).
6》 engage (a person's interest or imagination).
    ↘perceive fleetingly.
    ↘hear or understand (something said), especially with effort.
    ↘succeed in evoking or representing.
7》 strike (someone) on a part of the body.
    ↘accidentally strike (a part of one's body) against something.
8》 contract (an illness) through infection or contagion.
9》 become ignited and start burning.
1》 an act or instance of catching.
    ↘an amount of fish caught.
    ↘informal a person considered desirable as a partner or spouse.
2》 a game in which a ball is thrown back and forth between two or more players.
3》 a device for securing something such as a door, window, or box.
4》 a hidden problem or disadvantage.
5》 an unevenness in a person's voice caused by emotion.
6》 Music a round, typically one with words arranged to produce a humorous effect.
catch someone's eye
1》 be noticed by someone.
2》 attract someone's attention by making eye contact.
catch the light shine or glint in the light.
catch sight of suddenly notice; glimpse.
catch the sun
1》 be in a sunny position.
2》 Brit. become tanned or sunburned.
play catch-up N. Amer. try to equal a competitor in a sport or game.
Phrasal verbs
catch on informal
1》 (of a practice or fashion) become popular.
2》 understand what is meant or how to do something.
catch someone out Brit.
1》 detect that someone has done something wrong.
2》 put someone in a difficult situation for which they are unprepared.
catch up do work or other tasks which one should have done earlier.
catch up with
1》 exchange news with (someone whom one has not seen for some time).
2》 begin to have a damaging effect on.
catchable adjective
ME: from Anglo-Norman Fr. and Old North. Fr. cachier, var. of OFr. chacier, based on L. captare 'try to catch'.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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